Sunday, November 27, 2016

Diane's Review ~ The Promise by Piper Davenport

The Promise (Dogs of Fire: Wolfpack Book 1)The Promise by Piper Davenport
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Love… it will make you laugh and cry…
And this book did just that! Starting with an emotional punch, Maverick and Lily’s story was the perfect start to this spin off. I’ve only read one book in the original Dogs of Fire series and loved it so I can’t figure out why I haven’t scooped up the rest. After this one, I will be running, not walking, to do just that!
Lily and Mav have loved each other since they were little kids. Their families were intertwined through the club but also through the friendship and love that bound them together. They laughed, they teased, they argued – but they all had each other’s backs. No question. Until…. Those bonds were tested.
And through it all you could feel the emotion, the heartache, the sorrow, the pain... Even in anger and disbelief you knew there was love underlying it all. Lily and Mav were young but dealt maturely with situations and choices beyond their years. They loved hard and always knew they had each other’s backs – even when it seemed they shouldn’t.
From tears to laughter, this story touched every emotion in between and made me smile through it all. The jokes, the hugs, the simple but poignant way these families support and care for each other struck so many chords… The drama should have been over the top but it just wasn’t. It was soapy and absolutely perfect in its matter of fact delivery and portrayal of families that lived life to the fullest and treasured love above all.
I’m officially hooked and can’t wait for more of the next generation Wolfpack!
And for more of these laugh out loud moments.
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