Sunday, December 11, 2016

Diane's Review ~ Love Reunion by Maria Macdonald

Love Reunion - An Entwined Hearts Christmas Novella.Love Reunion - An Entwined Hearts Christmas Novella. by Maria Macdonald
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Feels like coming home…
I have loved each and every Entwined Hearts story and this Christmas novella felt like a last, final hug to this group of friends, of family. Pea, Con, Soph, Saul, Nova, Dane, Eric and Rich are this series with their complex personalities and the love and laughter, even the sadness, they’ve shared. It hasn’t all been sweetness and light, the angst and drama taking centre-stage a lot in their stories but it all comes together in this ansty yet sweet finale.
“The only pussies are the ones who don’t realise what they have, the ones who are too stupid to hold onto all the good…”
Soph and Saul have battled long and hard to get to a good place, together, and they, as well as Eric and Rich, are going to have one more fight to keep their relationships together. There is pain and sadness and lots of fear as these couples fight being torn apart. The wagons are being circled and everyone is getting into the fray as their friends immediately jump in to provide an ear as well as a helping hand.
I ache for Soph and Saul. I can feel their sadness and anguish. Sometimes life isn’t fair and they are having a hard time dealing. Eric and Rich are also facing a crisis that strikes to the heart of their relationship. Both couples may not survive but not because they haven’t given it or their all or their friends have left one stone unturned to help them.
There is soul-searching and questions that will make or break them and at the end is a finale that squeezed my full heart one last time. Emotional from the first book to the last, the series title couldn’t be more true...

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