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Diane's Review ~ Wound Tight by Tessa Bailey

Wound Tight (Made in Jersey, #4)Wound Tight by Tessa Bailey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The struggle is real… and should always be this scorchingly hot!
This is the LAST story in this series and I’m already in mourning! What am I going to do without the characters in these funny, hot and emotional reads? Well, beside re-read them forever, of course! Sigh… I didn’t know how much I was waiting for Renner and Milo’s romance until I opened that first page…
“You think I’m going to act like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert over some nipples?”
“In this scenario, is Zayn still in the band?”

Turn up the fan and be prepared for laughter, sizzle and emotion to make every body part sit up and take notice. And tingle… a lot! Renner is all buttoned up even as he isn’t adverse to a bit of tied down. Serious and somber, he is at home in the boardroom as he lives and breathes business 24/7. Until Milo enters his world…
On the surface, Milo is Renner’s complete opposite. Everyone loves Milo. He is sweet and gentle, funny and full of life. Underneath that happy persona though is a man struggling to embrace who he is. He is ready to be comfortable and proud in his own skin… With a bit of coaching and encouragement from the least likely source.
“You’ve turned me into gay Yoda.”
Renner and Milo each have their own, very different, comfort zone that they love and shine in. When out of them, however, they are adorably uncomfortable and uncertain, looking at each other for support unasked that is quietly (and sometimes loudly) easily given. Put them together in those zones, shake them up a little (and maybe take off a shirt or two) and the mix is electric! These two together should never work yet they come together in sultry heat and heart-felt emotion. There is sarcasm – oh, how I love the sarcasm – and laugh out loud humour. The chemistry between them is blazingly hot and guaranteed to singe any all surfaces. And I do mean any and all surfaces.
My heart is happy, happy, happy!

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