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Tiffany's Review ~ Falling by Allyn Lesley

FallingFalling by Allyn Lesley
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


Dylan has had a very rough life. So bad, that he didn't speak for years. Everyone thought that made him bad, or dumb. He had two women in his life, his mom, Jess, and his Memaw, who was a neighbor that took him in when he saw Jess wasn't caring for him properly. When both women left him in different ways, he went into a group home and never spoke again. The day his teacher saw something special in him, and took him home to be part of her family, he was sixteen years old. Who finally gets a home at that age? It took him a long time to open up and start speaking again, but he had the love and patience of his new parents and twin brothers, who were just a little older. He loves to "date", it'll just never be with a brunette. Brunettes leave you, they can't be trusted. So when his brother JC walks into the shop followed by two sisters, he can't figure out why he can't take his eyes off Chelsea.
My heart broke for Dylan and the things he endured as a child. It was obvious he had no idea how to express himself positively and admit his feelings. It was easier to push people away then to have them leave you. There couldn't have been two more opposite people than Dylan and Chelsea. Maybe that's what made them perfect for each other. Little do they realize, they'll be thrown in each others paths often since her sister Emma is marrying JC.
Chelsea was an amazing girl. Sweet, caring, and completely head over heals for Dylan. It was such a rough road in the beginning, but I admired how she handled everything. Not many would have her strength and understanding. Most would have given up on him a long time ago. So many mistakes are made and at times we wonder if love and forgiveness will ever be enough.
Follow these two through their journey and you won't be disappointed. I loved the ups and downs and the drama of a one night stand that would never go away. I was riveted and on the edge just waiting to see what would happen next. Allyn writes a beautiful love story with redemption for our hero.

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