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Tiffany's Review ~ Torn by C.J. Fallowfield

TornTorn by C.J. Fallowfield
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Sky moves to Boulder City with her parents, she think it'll be just like every other time. She won't make friends and she definitely won't have a boyfriend. Even though she's starting college, she's used to always moving for her father's job. While she's out exploring one day, she meets the Hudson boys. Two brothers, one a sexy as sin tattooed mechanic, the other hot and sweet, along with their cousin with the excellent sense of humor. She needs to make a decision as she gets close to all of them. They all want her to be theirs, but she only wants one. One decision can ruin relationships and bonds that have been there forever.
I loved the boys, most of the time. The three really couldn't be more different. Nate is the older brother, head of the household after his dad died in a tragic accident. He's cocky and confident, star of his college baseball team and can (and does) have any woman he wants. Until Shy comes along. He takes the responsibility of his family very seriously. With his insane schedule he doesn't have time to date, but from her he'd make an exception.
Josh is the younger brother, just eighteen and looks up to his big brother. He address him and will do anything to make things easier on Nate. Josh just wants his brother to be happy but how can he do that when he wants Sky just as much as his brother?
Billy is the cousin and doesn't have the looks that the Brothers have. He has Sky in stitches though and they, along with Josh become fast friends. They'll attend college together and Sky wants nothing to interfere with their friendship. Billy is a bit unpredictable though so who knows what will happen. When decisions are made the close bonds begin to slip.
I can't say enough about this book. This is a new to me author and her work astounds me. I was gutted and completely blown away reading this amazing story. I went through every range of emotions from beginning to end. There was so much suspense, betrayal, love and so much loss. Omg I was completely Torn...just as the title suggests. My heart broken for the Hudson boys, as well as Sky. Honestly it took me a couple days to be able to come up with any words. I haven't had this bad of a book hangover in a long time. The Hudson boys will have you swooning over them, laughing and crying. So many feels, I can't see not going back and reading this book again and again. C.J. Fallowfield has, in one book, become a must read author for me. I only wish I could give this more than five stars!

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