Sunday, January 29, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Back Check by Kelly Jamieson

Back Check (Aces Hockey, #4)Back Check by Kelly Jamieson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aces are… ACES!
I am always happy to come back to this group of athletes and their loves and families! This author knows how to spin a good yarn and this series has so many of my favourite elements – hockey, heat and emotion. Tanner and Katelyn’s story is a second chance at reconnecting and maybe, just maybe, finding again the love they once shared. Only, of course, if they can get past their now-entrenched, pessimistic views on love…
“…and she avoided hockey players like she avoided dark alleys at night and spiders and organ meats.”
“He’d had no intention of ever getting hurt like that again, which meant he’d been a player, dating one gorgeous girl after another, never serious.”
Thrown together for an event that was all about love and romance provided the best and worst type of scenario for Tanner and Katelyn to sort out their differences. They still had unresolved feelings between them – for good or bad – and they were going to blow up, blow out or rekindle - or maybe all three!
“Maybe what we’re doing is… trying again.”
I liked both of these characters who reluctantly, but honestly, tackled their problems. There was anger, tears, and realizations throughout the many difficulties they faced. Through it all there was emotion and heat to pave the way while throwing out some stumbling blocks as well. I couldn’t help but get immersed in their struggle – and it was definitely a struggle. They went from the highest of highs to nothing and they both could not – or would not – get past that quickly. Thank goodness for a team that is all about family as support was not far away for both of them.
There is laughter and love throughout this instalment, just as I suspected (hoped!) there would be. Seeing a wedding come to be was icing on the cake as characters I already love saw their relationship move forward… And this team has many single players left… That means there has to be more, doesn’t it?

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