Monday, January 16, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Backburn by Brandy L. Rivers

BackburnBackburn by Brandy L. Rivers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Heat and drama are plentiful…
Heat is coming from more than arson fires as Dave Metcalf and Marissa Cortez are reunited to solve the mystery and re-ignite a relationship long since abandoned. This is the fourth in the series and the drama, the mystery and the emotion are as high as ever!
There is so much going on here it is hard to focus on one thing… Dave and Marissa have history. What broke them apart so many years ago may not exist anymore but that certainly doesn’t mean smooth sailing this time around. If relationship obstacles weren’t enough there is danger on every call as an arsonist is causing havoc once again…
Dave and Marissa are in interesting couple with a second chance to get it right. Marissa’s kindness and love for both Dave and his son is both sweet and calming amidst the chaos that they find themselves in. While some of the drama feels contrived at times, that doesn’t mean I don’t turn each page quickly, eager to find out what shoe drops next.
Through it all, Dave is trying to do the right thing and equally determined to finally win Marissa’s heart. Balancing his new situation, and the work challenges they both face, is going to mean their second time courtship is going to be as bumpy as the first!
Despite a writing style that I still struggle with, I can’t resist this author’s penchant for over the top drama and characters that handle it all with humour and heart.

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