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Diane's Review ~ Badd Ass by Jasinda Wilder

Badd Ass (Badd Brothers, #2)Badd Ass by Jasinda Wilder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Five deliciously wicked stars!
I couldn’t wait to dive into another Badd brother’s story and this one was funny, raunchy, sexy and sweet! In other words, exactly what I was hoping for!
There are EIGHT brothers – be still my achy heart - and they are all gorgeous, talented and completely different from one another. If Bast hadn’t stolen my heart in the first instalment of this series Zane would surely have it. And, honestly, I think they both have it… Zane is a book boyfriend that you wish you could make real by just a wiggle of your nose. He is handsome and funny, honest and sexy. Sexy, like he invented the word. He is all man with a Navy SEAL’s heart and soul and the *ahem* equipment to back up every word he says…
And if I know the men in this series are all that and a bag of chips, well, the women are right next to them! Mara is both hilarious and sweet as she and Zane find themselves entwined in a courtship dance that should be listed under the dictionary listing for hot… They are both going to challenge each other on what they really want out of life… and love…
“I don’t do relationships…”
H.O.T. I have to keep saying it because from the first pages this story was all about the intense attraction that these two lovers had for each other. One night stand or forever was to be determined and that’s when the emotions kicked in. This story made me laugh and snicker in turn as the sexy banter between the main characters was only rivaled by the sassy and sultry chat between Mara and her bestie Claire. All the brothers have to get into the act and the only complaint would be, there needs to be more of that!
With uncertainty as the theme, Zane and Mara navigated the mine field of their relationship and their baggage with the just right balance of enthusiasm and dread. And along with them were family and friends and this reader quietly cheering in her kindle corner…
It was romantic. It was funny. It was all kinds of raunchy sexy. With all the feels I yearned for as the cherry on top, Mara and Zane’s story was as well-rounded as any romantic meal could be. This series has me addicted and I’m nowhere near full!
Made me snicker:
“… acres of lovely man muscle, and his California Redwood of a…”
“…it’s pretty, Claire. Like…I just want to touch it and hold it and look at it and---
And name him George?”
Five+++ stars

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