Monday, January 16, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Maddox by Maggie Ryan & Alta Hensley

MaddoxMaddox by Maggie Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Suspense, loss and love come together in a fiery mix…
Both authors are on my ‘have to read’ list so I couldn’t wait to scoop up this duet effort – and I’m so glad I did! The Steele family live to “help all in need” and that is certainly evident when they race to the aid of a crime family who had saved them more than once. The line between good and bad seems to get more wobbly as criminals with heart and conviction are seen in more than just a dark light…
Maddox Steele is on a mission but even he didn’t know the depths the enemy would go to. Adira Nazar is caught up in the deadly game and soon realizes that Maddox is going to provide the only safety she can trust…
“Something had changed in her since she arrived in Texas. Maybe it was finally feeling safe.”
I loved these characters who, despite the incredibly dangerous events they were thrust into, realized that love, honor and trust are the most important things in life. Adira was a wonderful mix of innocence and intelligence even as she still showed her spoiled “only child” side. Maddox was all one could want in a sexy, protective alpha as he, and the rest of his family, embraced Adira into their loving arms. Their journey was really an unexpected courtship filled with humour and snark filling those moments that weren’t either sexy as sin or fill of on the edge of your seat intrigue. There were surprises at every turn – both in and out of the dungeon – as the story’s fast pace went from steamy to deadly in an instant.
I loved this emotional and sexy suspense-filled romance and can’t wait for Maddox’s brothers to get even more into the action. The danger that started this journey is in no way over and I am waiting anxiously for this story to continue!

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