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Jess's Review ~ Fidelity by Aleatha Romig

Fidelity (Infidelity, #5)Fidelity by Aleatha Romig
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Fidelity is the amazing conclusion to this epic series. I, like I am sure many others, speculated about secrets and unknowns that needed to be resolved and discovered in this book. I had my own theories about how certain things were going to play out and while there were a few times I got something right for the most part I was still in shock and awe at the twisted tale surrounding Nox and Charli. When you think you have learned all the pieces, you find out you were wrong and there was still so much more to learn.

This book picks up right were we left off and I couldn't get through the first bit fast enough, needing to know what was going to happen with Alexandria and the rushed meeting with her step-monster. I was not quite prepared to be literally sucked into the multiple POVs and a book that kept me in suspense from beginning to the end. This book was the culmination of a number of events spanning, in some cases, decades. And with each passing chapter more and more information came to light and more and more craziness ensued. There is very little down-time in this book but there were times that I needed to take a breather. This whole series has been very thought-provoking and not something that can be rushed through.

Being this was the end of the epicness, I found it to be bittersweet. I will miss Batman and his princess. I have grown attached to Charli and her strong sense of purpose and flirty banter. She has grown a lot since her vacation in Del Mar. She is protective, caring and smart but can be fun and full of life. Nox has also grown from our original meeting of him. He is wildly protective and willing to do anything for those he loves. But he becomes more open to the idea of having another person in his life, one he can't be without and one who brings out the light in him. He is the dark knight and will long be one of my favorite alpha males. I also thoroughly enjoyed Oren and Adelaide's contribution to the story. I enjoyed seeing their story get fleshed out and the way that the author took characters that I was less than thrilled with and making them into characters that I was rooting for is quite a feat.

I really can't put into "good" words how much I really enjoyed this series. It is one that will stick with me for a long time to come. There were just so many layers of lies and secrets and deceit that it is hard to sum it all up adequately. Really the only thing I have beyond this blubbering is that it was just epic.

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