Monday, January 16, 2017

Jess's Review ~ The Nameless by Dawn Robertson

The Nameless (The Huntress, #3)The Nameless by Dawn Robertson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This third book in this series picks up shortly after we are left hanging in The Hopeless. Eleanor is at a crossroads with her future. On one hand she is not a good person and has done some pretty questionable things. On the other hand she has a completely different life beginning and there might not be room for her old ways or job in it. Add into the mix her best friend who had some pretty interesting revelations in the last book and an assassination attempt and things really couldn't be more complicated.

I enjoyed this conclusion as much as I enjoyed the books prior to it. As with the others this was a really fast read, it wasn't quite as steamy but it was quick and brought all the pieces together. Throughout this series Ellie really grew as a character and while, at times, I questioned how fast this evolution occurred I enjoyed it all the same and thought she ended in the right place for her. I enjoyed all the parts we got of Linc. He was the perfect counterpart to Ellie. He knows what he wants and he is waiting for everyone else to catch up.

While the end was an end, it was interesting how it was left. Does it open up for more, or is it left for us to figure out on our own how the future will play out for our cast of characters.

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