Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jess's Review ~ Paint It All Red by S.T. Abby

Paint It All Red (Mindf*ck Series #5)Paint It All Red by S.T. Abby
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Whoa...what a conclusion.

"I'm still the twisted monster of the night, while you're the honest hero in the light."

This is the final book and as such we find ourselves in the final stages of the master plan and all I can is that I never anticipated the level of planning, intensity, and complete mindfuckery that the final stages were going to be. This like all of the other books found my heart in my throat and I would lose time because I became so engrossed in the story that nothing else mattered.

"You're a fucking dark angel that can set the world free from this sick town."

Slowly all of the town secrets have been uncovered and the levels of control and depravity that these residents have been made to endure was mind-blowing. The layers upon layers of cover-ups and wrongs is staggering and make you question what justice is right along with our hero Logan. Logan throughout has been the perfect hero; he is in the FBI to find justice. He doesn't believe in politics only the truth but this whole thing has him questioning the bureau's motivations as well as himself.

Lana is an amazing character. Through and through she has had one goal in mind. Retribution for all that happened. She along with Jake have had a plan. They know all, see all and every move has been perfectly planned. She is also just a girl, a girl who found one thing in her life that makes her a little more light but given the circumstances her light is just pipe dream.

This whole series has been amazing. The perfect mix of dark humor, horror, brutality, romance, and a really well played thriller. There was intense sexual chemistry and a lot of heart. The side characters all added something to the overall story and everything just worked. All of the questions are answered and still found that I was able to be shocked.

This is a new author and definitely one that I will continue to follow in the future.

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