Friday, January 27, 2017

Katie's Review ~ When Hunter Meets Seeker by Betty Shreffler

When Hunter Meets SeekerWhen Hunter Meets Seeker by Betty Shreffler
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Anya was always told she was born into this Arcane Society to be an Arcane Hunter. Unfortunately just about everything she was told seems to be a lie and she has to learn the hard way. Her best friend Jackson is the only one right now that she talks to about anything. She just wants a "normal" life, but can't seem to figure out what that will be, or how to get it. She lets Jackson talk her into going to a new night club, one full of the paranormal. This is where she meets Dex, the sexy as hell security guard. The one she can't stop thinking about, the one that will change her life.
Dex is just doing a check on one of their rooms when she comes out and he has to catch his breath. She is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and he has to have her. Being an incubus, his hunger needs to be fed. And feed it he does. After their little encounter in the club, neither can seem to stop thinking what could be and why they are so attracted to each other. Unfortunately, Dex finds out what Anya actually is and doesn't know how to react. Does he get rid of her? Should he confront her? His feelings are very conflicted about this beautiful hunter of his.
Anya needs to get some answers about what is going on. Through some stalking, non-answers, tragedy and deadly accidents so is no closer to figuring anything out. All of these things only lead to more questions and then truths she never saw coming. One where she is not who she thought she was and those after her are closer than she anticipated.

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