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Lynzi's Review ~ Deceit in Bloom by Jennifer Michael

Deceit in Bloom (Love Unauthorized, #1)Deceit in Bloom by Jennifer Michael
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five holy sh*tball stars!!!

That ending!!! Oh my fricking god that ending!!! I can't deal right now! Seriously, I am at aww. For this being this authors debut novel, she is off to one kick a** start. If all her books are like this, she will have one amazing career.

Paisley was bounced around in foster care since she was 4. Life in foster care is definitely not easy, and she got the short end of the stick, more times than she didnt. I'm her last foster home, she meets the girl who becomes her "sister" and the only person who will ever have her back, Braelyn. Escaping their foster home, they make a run for it and decided living on the streets will be the lesser of two evils. They quickly realize things are just ad hard, of not harder, on the streets, but having each others back is what they do. They survive, and get through, but that doesn't mean they don't have to creep into the darkness to do it. Living a life, no young child, who had to grow up way too fast, should have to live, they make the best out of things. Fairytales, romance, and prince charming, is definitely the last thing on Paisley's mind, but that doesn't mean a big, broading, tatted, hottie with power can't invade her every thoughts. He's definitely someone she needs to stay away from.

Having hand his own shitty hand from life, and having to grow up way faster than he intended, Burke holds more power than a man his age should. Coming from the streets, gave him the connections him an his best friend, Kia, needed to start their businesses, and be extremely successful at such a young age. People look at him and think he he does it just to be on top, but he doesn't. He does it to protect what's his. Being the sole guardian of his little sister Teagan, made him change a lot of his life, and the path he was heading down. But being the criminals they are, they live the high life. Until one day, they are as untouchable as they always thought. Things start to happen. They have to start questioning themselves and the things they thought they knew, to try and get to the bottom of it all. But finding the mastermind, getting to the end game, might not be as easy, and lives might be lost. Bonds will be broken. Hearts will be shatteted. Loyalty will be thrown away.

I have loved these characters, from the very beginning. And not just the main characters either, the secondary characters as well. Hell, I don't even think they can be called secondary. I think they are all pretty much main characters. They all impact the story in such a profound way.

Kai is a step brother/friend, I wish I had. His wit left me giggling. His level headedness in the most f'd up situations, left me in awe. When he couldn't keep his level head, I felt for him. I think there is something deeper going on with him, more than we see in this story, and I can't wait to find out if that's true.

Teagan would make the perfect best friend. She has a sexy older brother, that any lady would love to ogle. She is fun. She's a girly girl who likes to be pampered, but also a badass tattoo artist. She has a loving and caring side that makes you want to love the hell out of her, but then has a rebelling side that makes you want to throat punch her.

I absolutely loved Paisley and Burke together. I loved seeing their two f'd up world's collide, and make fireworks out of the explosion. Atleast for a little while. Life is just never east to anyone in this group, and definitely not these too. When they finally find someone they can actually see themselves with, and being more with, life has to screw them.

Book 2 has a lot of questions to answer, and I honestly don't know how long I can wait to get them. The ending left me grinding my teeth, while wanting to punch a wall, and scream all at the same time. I was on the edge of my seat, and questioning everything, the whole time.


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