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Lynzi's Review ~ Ever over After by J.A. DeRouen

Ever over After (Over Duet, #2)Ever over After by J.A. DeRouen
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"It's not gonna be easy. She's a fighter on her worst day, a warrior on her best, so she's gonna give me hell. I welcome it, because it's one of the things I love most about her." There is not a better way to describe the firecracker that is Marlo Rivers. The not being easy part, is the best way to describe her an Ever's relationship.

This is the second part of Ever and Marlo's story. I couldn't wait to jump into this one, because Marlo is one of my all time favorite female characters. I waited so long for her story, and when I found out it would be in 2 parts, I was both happy and mad. Happy because it would give me more of her craziness, but mad because I would have to wait for another one to come out. I'm so damn glad I waited.

Marlo, or Low, is determined as ever to keep her walls safety guarding her heart. She wears her mask to hide her true feelings and vulnerability very well. Her friends don't know anything about her past or the true person who lives underneath all the rubble of a scarred heart. She knows Ever will have the power to break her again, so she has to stay away from him at all cost. But that's easier said than done. Especially when said guy, won't give up. But she has demons she doesn't think Ever can handle, but eventually they all have to come to light. That's how well you can determine if the relationship is strong enough to stand the test of time.

"Love changes over time. The edges may dull, the butterflies hibernate...but some things, the best things, sharpen and flourish as years pass." - Marlo

Ever lost Low once, and he won't let it happen again. He moved to Providence to be where she was, even though that's the last thing she wanted. He knows if he doesn't give up, and keeps pushing, he will gradually break threw her walls. He knows he's hurt her, but he can't understand why she is so hell bent on him staying away. He gets a punch in the gut when he realizes the woman he loves, is forever changed by something that happened to the girl he used to know. She's no longer the sweet girl he fell in love with. She is hardened, colder, and sharper. He can only hope his love can help smooth her edges out, while still letting her keep her spunk.

"How can we ever be the same?" I whisper as a traitorous tear escapes. Ever swipes it away with his thumb, leveling me with his pleading eyes.
"How can we be anything different than what we've always been?"
"And what's that?"

Who knew it took 2 broken souls to make a love that is capable of being so powerful?
A love that is everything.

I loved seeing this side of Marlo. She's always been quick with her wit and strong on her defenses, so seeing her with her heart open and her guard down, it was refreshing. I love her even more now. ;)

Ever is someone who has been through hell and back a few times, and has come out a better person at the end of the ride. He is such an inspiration, and I am in total awe of him. To have the strength, the will power, to overcome everything he has, and still be standing is an amazing thing.

"On the contrary. I think it may finally he coming together for you." - Caroline

Through all the hurt. Through all the pain. Through all the years, things worked out the way they needed to, for them to be who they needed to be, when they needed to be it, for each other.

J.A Derouen definitely doesn't disappoint with this one. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with. My eyes will definitely be peeled and waiting for her next work of art.

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