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Lynzi's Review ~ Healing the Broken by K. Street

Healing the BrokenHealing the Broken by K. Street
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This books starts off a little crazy. No, scratch that, a lot of crazy. I was left asking, 'what the hell?!', and thinking, 'oh hell, this will be a crazy ride'. Boy was I right. Poor, poor Ryann.

With an abusive alcoholic as a father, and a mother who is too scared to leave, Ryann's life has never been easy. For as long as she can remeber, life has been filled with punches, screams, crys for help, pain, and blood. Until one day, her father does the one thing he has attempted so many times. Leaving Ryann haunted with the memories. After that horrible day, Ryann was raised by her grandparents. Even though they loved the heck out of her, it still couldn't erase the past and all the horrors she was dealing with while growing up. But she does has one good memory. Cash. Cash came into her life with force and helped her fee a little free. Eventually she fell for him, but they grew apart and went separate ways. Little did she know, now that they are grown, he would walk into her work, and come back into her life with more force than she can handle. But loving someone and trusting men, doesn't come easy to her.

"You've got to stop making every person who tries to love you pay for the sins of the ones who broke you."

Ryann is the one Cash can't seem to forget. The last time he seen her, their friendship had took a turn to more, but he was heading to college and she was still too young. With not having seen each other in so long, he's lost for words when he realizes she works for his cousin. He's always known something wasn't quite right and she was hiding things. He didn't realize just how dark her past is and how much it still affects her present. The closer he gets to her, the more vulnerable she becomes. So he continues to push his way in, because he wants no walls left to stand between them. But he wasn't waiting for all that was revealed when them walls came tumbling. He has to fight to make sure their love is strong enough to fight the darkness and the evil that lurks.

The twist...oh man the twist. I wasn't waiting for it. This one gripped me from the very first word. Which is rather hard to do. It left me wanting to cuddle up with Ryann and just be a friend to her. She had so much crap happen to her and in her life, that I felt she never got a chance to just breath. A chance to stop fighting. Until Cash.

"She's a f**king warrior. But she doesn't have to fight anymore. If she'll relinquish the sword, I'll be her motherf**king shield."

That made me want to kiss the hell out of him and high five him all at once. Ryann had to be as strong as she could try to be, for so long, it was nice to see her lean on someone else. It was also nice to see she finally had someone. Cash was amazing, and I love him so much!

This is definitely one I will be recommending to some friends.

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