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Lynzi's Review ~ Life of the Party by Kris Fletcher

Life of the Party (Calypso Falls, #1)Life of the Party by Kris Fletcher
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

☆☆☆ 1/2
The actions of a parent, does not and should not, affect how their children are treated. They are not the actions of the child, so why should that child pay? That's a hard lesson for Jenna to learn.

Having her father as the Mayor of their small town, was her life for so long. Her daddy was the light of her life. Like it should be for every little girl. Until her daddy dearest, did the unthinkable. Leaving her family broken and unsure, her and her sisters have to try and stay strong. Growing up is a struggle, but with the amazing mother and aunt it makes it a little easier. But Jenna's life, isn't that easy. She has been put through the ringer. When you have been let down by the most important man in your life, and then the man you believe will be your happily ever after, it leaves you feeling like you are unworthy. So much so, that she doesn't see love, an amazing man, and what can be a bright future, when it slaps her in the face. All in the last man she would ever expect.

Cole is a work-a-holic. His dreams and ambitions is all he ever sees. Which isn't a bad thing, unless it leaves him over looking the important things. The things he's missing and yearning for, even though he doesn't know it. Wanting to be mayor of his hometown, the town he moved back to so he could slow down, is so important to him. Helping people is the only thing he wants to do. So when Jenna comes to him with a plan, they strike up a deal. A deal that should better help both of them. A deal that can and eventually will, blow up in their faces. But it's not the deal that's to be worried about, but how they handle the backlash.

I loved how strong Jenna was. With all life had through at her, she came out a little stronger each day. More than the one before. The men in her life haven't always been helpful, so of course she gets discouraged when thinking of a man, but boy does Cole change all that.

Cole is in a league of his own. I easily fell in love with him. He was so easy. So honest. Everything you would expect from a guy who grew up in a small town and has a good heart.

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