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Lynzi's Review ~ Worth It by S.M. Shade

Worth ItWorth It by S.M. Shade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pahahahahaha!!! OH MY FRICKING GEEZ!! This books threw me for a fricking loop. I don't even know where to start. This books has so much crazy, it's not even funny. It's fricking HILARIOUS!!

There is so many characters and different things going on in this one, that it might take me a while for me to write this.

Three best friends, Henley, Kasha, and Lydia, embark on a road trip. But not just any road trip. They are headed to a week long festivity of a wedding. Lydia's lying, cheating ex is getting married, so of course they have to go. Not only is he Lydia's ex, he's also Kasha's step brother, so she kinda has to go. Henley is just tagging along for the fun and support. I say fun, because them three together are off the walls. They balance out each others crazy.

Lydia is the laid back, good girl. She's not one to take chances or be mean. She's basically the angel out of the threesome. She has been through so much with her ex, Anderson, breaking her heart. So she wants to go to his wedding to get some closure. She's gets a little more than she was expecting though.

Kasha is the hot mess of the bunch. She is clumsy as all hell, so that makes things interesting all in its own. Not wanting to have to deal with that side of her family, she goes just for the support of her friend. But when someone as clumsy as her, there are bound to be some mishaps. Even though they aren't intentional, those mishaps make for awesome sabotage to the all too perfect wedding.

Henley is the s**t starter. Not in a bad way, in a very fun way. She doesn't start anything to hurt someone, just to make things interesting and funny, and boy does it work.

Lydia gets what she's looking for, but Henley and Kasha are blindsided. They never thought they would leave their week of fun with only half their hearts. They never thought they would be able to fall for someone so fast and so hard.

Kasha didn't think she would ever find someone to handle all the crazy in her life. There are things about her, physically, that some guys just can't handle. Which makes for weird dating. But surprisingly Roman likes her crazy. Not only does it shock her, it also shocks him. Her chaos, is exactly what his perfect little life is missing.

Henley runs into a rather familiar face. Not only did she once love Davis, he was the one who broke her heart. She isn't exactly jumping for joy when she sees him, even though he makes her heart flutter. Torn between being the teenager left with her heart broken, and the woman who wants to jump his bones, she has to decide if they can ever be together again or if she will always be scared of him walking away.

First off, when I seen this cover, I was like "what in the actual f**k!?" Now, I know what it all meant, and it fits perfectly. The funny cover, definitely goes with the funny as all hell book inside. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard while reading a book. These girls are freaking amazing!! I would love to be the fourth best friend in this circle. My life would definitely never be dull.

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