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Shy's Review ~ Hollywood Prince by Kim Karr

Hollywood PrinceHollywood Prince by Kim Karr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I loved this story even more than either of the previous two, and it always makes me super excited when an author can just continue to hook me and draw me in even more to a series.

In this story, Brooklyn James, who we got to know very well from the previous books as a womanizer, a player, and "the panty dropper" comes face to face with someone from his past who could change his future, even if he takes a while to realize it. Amelia Waters is the little sister of Brooklyn's best friend and leading man of No Pants Required, Cam. While she and Brooklyn knew each other and played together as children, their only connection as adults has been through Cam and Brooklyn knows that should make Amelia off limits. But Amelia is going through a lot of hard realizations about her life and she is looking to live a little and do things just because ahe wants to. And what she wants is Brooklyn.

Reading this story as it evolved was absolutely wonderful. Brooklyn is one of those characters that I can't help but love. He's confident, charming, funny, and a fantastic dirty talker. Even when he's convinced he doesn't want a relationship and can't have one with Amelia, he still manages to show all the ways he could be perfect for her without even realizing it or trying. He's a good friend, even when it may not seem like it at times, a great brother which having read Bedwrecker I know even more, and a loyal son to even an undeserving parent.

Amelia was blindsided by some revelations, causing her to reevaluate her life. But she still managed to be this entertaining and endearing leading lady. I also loved what a huge role she played in actually helping Brooklyn sort his life out. She didn't just change him by being around and being with him. She was a contributing member in his life in so many ways. And when she realized she'd made a mistake, or few, she owned it and worked to make things right.

This was just a great story. I am so happy to have read this and for it to have been so well written. I can't wait for more stories in the series and plan to check out more books from this author as well.

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