Monday, January 16, 2017

Tiffany's Review ~ When Irish Eyes Are Smiling by Matthew Robbins

When Irish Eyes Are SmilingWhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling by Matthew Robbins
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Felix is vacationing with friends. When he wakes up nearly naked and drugged with no idea where he is, he's rescued by a very handsome local. Ronan Malloy doesn't have time to play rescuer, but he's definitely attracted to Felix.
Felix finds himself in a world of trouble when he's questioned by the police, after he accidentally crashes Ronan's truck. Now he has a choice, work on the Malloy farm until Ronan heals, or pay a farm hand.
I felt bad for Felix. His so called friends were complete jerks. It seemed he was kept around to bear the brunt of their jokes. I was glad he was sort of forced away from them to work the farm. I loved how hard he tried and how dedicated he was to help save the farm. He deserved some happiness in his life and I was rooting for the relationship between him and Ronan to develop into something.
Ronan and his grandfather are desperately trying to save their farm. Ronan has a plan, but has yet to strike it rich yet. Troubles with the bank and a pushy neighbor who wants their land aren't helping at all. He doesn't have time for someone who has no idea how to work a farm. Ronan was a proud man who didn't like to accept help from anyone.
I loved the base of the story. This was a new author to me and I enjoyed his writing style. The book was well written, but I would have like more at the end, even if it was just an epilogue to wrap things up a bit more. Overall, this was a nice easy afternoon read and I'd love to read more form this author!

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