Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Distraction by Nicole Edwards

Distraction (Club Destiny, #8)Distraction by Nicole Edwards
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thoughtful and sexy, an emotional end to a great series…
A series end is always bittersweet for me and this one provided the emotional gut-punch that I hoped for (and dreaded). Dylan’s story was a long, hard road and Sarah could be seen as his salvation. Sarah wasn’t heart-whole either, though, so this was not going to be a simple romance… With both coming from places of deep loss their journey together was going to be a mine field – and I felt every high cloud and low bump on the way…
“Dylan wanted to be this woman’s everything.”
“Dylan Thomas was a ghost from her past, one that she fully intended to leave there.”
I love this author’s writing style – whether it is steamy, uber-sexy love scenes or contemplative inner monologues, her characters find the right touch, the right note to invite you into the pages to feel their emotions. Dylan struggled for a very long time and you could feel the toll it continued to take on him. Sarah’s problems were not in the past either though she dealt with her grief differently. They were broken yet healing and their journey was going to change yet again as they found each other once more. Love is very personal and their story was certainly that as they fought their own demons to find each other… People are confusing and when they are in love? It is quiet chaos and this author blends that blessed messiness into a story with all the feels…
“Quit thinking so much. I know it’s hard…”
There will be more – there is a spin-off in the works – but I’m going to just sit and contemplate this series end for a while. I will think back on theses love stories - the highs and lows, the emotional battles lost and won, the sexiness and the laughter – that surrounded these unforgettable characters. Yes, I’ll think on it a while before starting to read again from the beginning…

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