Thursday, February 9, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Not in My Wildest Dreams by Jamie Hollins

Not in My Wildest Dreams (McKenna, #2)Not in My Wildest Dreams by Jamie Hollins
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Friends to lovers fun…
I love a good friends to lovers’ story and Sean and Darcy’s roller coaster ride is going to be one of my all-time favourites. These characters were bold and loud and absolutely ‘sparky’! What in the hades is ‘sparky’ you ask?
Well, that would be Darcy Owens – a girly girl who can hold her own in any situation. Be it bar room or board room she gets the job done without breaking a sweat…
“She had a heart of gold, a complete gutter mouth, and could drink any guy he knew, himself included, under the table.”
The other half of the sparky is Sean McKenna. He is confident, sexy and uncertain in only the best of ways. Even if he can be quite clueless when it comes to his good friend…
Together, their vibe is unique. One-sided love turns into a maelstrom of confused emotions on both sides as jealousy, uncertainty, resentment and, let’s face it fear, are going to rule these normally even-tempered friends.
“Nope. Definitely not drunk enough to deal with Sean McKenna.”
“She was to Sean what catnip was to cats. Darcy was Sean-nip.”
There is a lot of back and forth between these two (a LOT) and that includes all kinds of emotional and hilarious encounters. They argue, they make up, they love. It is messy, heartbreaking and funny in turn. In other words, all the wonder and awkwardness one would expect in a true love match…
“This kiss? On a scale between one to Ryan Gosling? Who the f*** was Ryan Gosling?”
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