Saturday, February 25, 2017

Excerpt ~ White Trash by Tiana Laveen

Enjoy this excerpt from White Trash. This novel is Suspense with romantic elements (Mature Content)

“But I didn’t ask you.” Picking up her glass of wine with a shaky hand, she brought it to her lips, praying she didn’t spill the liquid all over her stunning red gown. Her eyes burned with unspent tears, the kind born of anger, but would fall due to sheer misery. How did he know so much and why did he keep wielding it over her head? He was just some idiot from Macon, Mississippi, a strong-willed fool covered in tattoos now cloaked under a suit. A man who’d never done anything positive with his life up until now. And why was he torturing her so? What type of sorcery did he use? Who did he think he was?!
“Oh, you asked me all right, in your own little way. That’s why you like me, ’cause I ain’t afraid to dream, see. I ain’t afraid of nothin’ ’cept not trying, and you damn well know it.” He held his head high, and she could see in his eyes he meant every word he uttered. “You’re afraid to fail. That’s why you won’t let no man into your life; not because you don’t like me, or because you don’t want me, but because if something goes wrong, you’re afraid you’d fall to pieces.” She hung her head, refusing to look at him, at least for a moment while she searched for her game face to put back on. “We’ve wanted each other for months, Marilyn. The more you feel it, the more hot ’nd cold you become towards me, but I’ll take that over lukewarm any damn day, baby.”
“And since you know me so well, Dean, what is it that makes me so afraid of you, dear?” She wanted to rise up and bite his damn head off, but she couldn’t muster the strength to stand on her feet. He’d placed her down, laid her flat, and made her subservient to his truth. The words were caked in the blood of honesty, iced with the admissions she’d refused to tell a soul. All she could do was fight with words, and whimper while squirming under his foot…
“’Cause you’re afraid of gettin’ hot, baby… of gettin’ bothered… of being engulfed in passion. Not because of the things I’d do to you if I ever got you alone.” He paused, looking her slowly up and down with enduring lust in his expression. “Your clothes stripped clean off, us both naked as the damn day we was born and me doin’ things to you that you never even imagined… no baby, not that. I’m talking about much deeper things, the type of stuff that counts. The sort of situation that once I put it on you, this love I got, you ain’t gonna never get it off.” He clicked his teeth and narrowed his eyes on her, making her angry as hell that he could read her like a book.
“You truly do flatter yourself, don’t you? We’re not on the same level, Mr. North.” She waved her hand in his direction, dismissing him.
“Oh, we’re definitely neck ’nd neck, Ms. Majors. I ain’t beneath you, contrary to what you try to tell yourself to make it all go down easy lest you choke. But I can be below you, if the setting is right.” His yearning poured into the room, filling it, and she nearly drowned in its waters. “I prefer to be the one drivin’, though. You just need to let me know when you’re woman enough to let a real man take the goddamn wheel.”
Then, throwing her a wink, he closed the door and left her to simmer…

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  3. Hi, this is Tiana Laveen. Thanks so much for featuring an excerpt from my book, "White Trash". I appreciate it! Have an awesome weekend.

  4. Yes girl! Love that line about "the stuff that counts."

  5. Will be there with Tina Laveen, getting to meet her, and I look forward to see many readers there.