Monday, February 6, 2017

Jess's Review ~ Crown of Lies by Pepper Winters

Crown of Lies (Truth and Lies Duet, #1)Crown of Lies by Pepper Winters
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There is something about the way that Pepper writes that transports me to another place. In this instance it's a city where a young women is trapped in her Ivory Tower and momentarily loses her way on her 19th birthday.
Noelle was raised to take over an empire and she had been doing so since a young age, until one night she wants to break away, to be free. And that night her life is altered, never to be the same again. The night she meets Nameless.
"But something tugging us to stay together, to chase whatever it was that bounced from him to me."
Fast-forward a number of years and she is still locked away in the same tower just now she in charge of her empire. She is cold and is all business. She is successful in a man's world but has never done anything for herself, except that once. For all of her knowledge and business sense she is missing important parts of growing up. She has no friends an no life beyond her office. And then she meets Penn.
"I didn't know if I'd been the one to seduce him, but he'd utterly decimated me."
Penn is her polar opposite. Elle is poised and proper, where Penn is rough around the edges and crude. Penn also doesn't know when to take no for answer, ever. Breaking her walls, ruining her sensibilities, telling lie after lie; he becomes the book's biggest mystery. Who is this man, where did he come from and and what are his plans?
In true Winter's fashion I am left dumbfounded, with half answers attempting to piece together this puzzle. I can only guess as to where this story is going to take us and what other secrets will unfold. I have a feeling not all is as it seems and I can't wait to find out.

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