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Jess's Review ~ For 100 Nights by Lara Adrian

For 100 Nights (100 Series, #2)For 100 Nights by Lara Adrian
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Lara Adrian writes one of my favorite paranormal series, so I was excited and a bit nervous for this one. I didn't read the first book in this series, because I didn't even know it existed until this popped up on my kindle. While this is book two and starts off right in the heart of Avery and Nick's story I felt like there was enough background and fill-in information that I wasn't confused and could quickly pick up where we were in time.

This book is quite sensual but there is a good amount of story to found outside the sheets, or shower, or desk get the point. Nick has asked for a 100 nights to make up for the 100 days that Avery wasn't truthful to him. She lied about her past and still hasn't let him all the way in. She is living a fairy-tale and is scared to let it all crumble. So when her past comes calling, she is less than forthcoming. Nick seems like he was pretty quick to accept Avery's past but there is something about him. Something that is hidden and something that might destroy this little bubble that has been created.

Avery is fighter, she has a less than stellar past and has a hard time letting people into her life. She is easily commanded but is not doormat. She stands up for what she wants and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Nick is mysterious and I feel like there is more to him that we haven't yet seen. He does have a pretty loud presence in this book and become a force to be reckoned with, until his secrets come crashing down.

This book does leave us in turmoil and without closure. I quickly realized that I had no need to be nervous because I liked this story too. I was quickly wrapped up in the relationship that was developing and the story that surrounded them. I do hope that we have something from Nick's POV in the next book because....well, just because. And I am so looking forward to seeing what's coming next.

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