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Lynzi's Review ~ Possession by A.M. Johnson

Possession (Avenues Ink, #1)Possession by A.M. Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one was a crazy, crazy ride.
Crazy intense. Crazy beautiful.
It's one that had my heart bleeding, and left me so unsure of myself.

"I want you and all your colorful crazy."

I normally start with my woman characters, because I love my heroines, but the man in this story definitely stole my heart. Not saying she isn't awesome, because she is, but...just, oh man!

One word...Declan! Declan, Declan, Declan. His life, his every day struggles, had my normally strong heart, in taters. He completely ripped apart my soul. To think that someone, even in real life, has to live like that, breaks my heart in so many ways. Declan suffers from a very sever mental illness. He doesn't think he will ever be enough or that he will ever get away from the things that haunt his mind. But one special woman helps him see beyond the darkness that surrounds him, and she helps him walk in the light. But falling on love young, isn't always a good thing. Especially when yall are from 'two different sides of the track'. Lines get blurred. Life gets hard. Trust is strained. Decisions are made. Life is never the same. There is nothing worse that to have a broken heart to go along with your illness. It just makes it worse. Declan has to live through hell, day in and day out, until one day, it becomes all he knows.

"The scars she’d left behind still hurt. They pinched and begged to tear open every time I looked at her. But, yesterday morning , she’d looked at me like I was worth the worship of her touch. We’d kissed in a way that connected us again. In a way that had torn my heart and hers into ribbons, and once we’d pulled away there was no going back. All the pieces had blended as a whole and she’d taken a few of mine, and I’d taken some of hers. Our scars had merged , and it felt… right."

Paige still fights the demons in her past, and the guilt of every wrong decision she has made. When she turned to her family for guidance in her darkest time, she thought they would offer help, but they damned her to her own personal hell. She tries to gain forgiveness by being everything they tell her to be, and doing everything they tell her to do. Until one day, she can no longer handle it all. Life throws more curve balls, more heartache, and more pain her way, but finding herself of what she needs to do, and it's definitely not gonna be easy. There's only one person who has ever lite her life on fire, and he hates her.

"I’d been a trophy, placed on the shelf for display, no one cared that my shine had been dulled by years of dust. No one, not until Declan. The boy I’d ruined had become the man to save me from my oblivion."

Finding themselves back to each other, takes a lot of work, but love knows no bounds. It can overcome anything and everything. It is everything.

"That feeling in your chest… it’s enough… it’s everything."

No darkness can get it, and that's what these two needed. Pure, blinding white light that is love, forgiveness, happiness, and hope.

"The loneliness, the regret, the pain, it weaved through each breath, each taste, and made us one again. One in past, in present, and in love."

Their story is a very raw, gut wrenching one. Very real, very emotional, and so utterly hard. As much as I hated the things they had to go through, I still loved their story.

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