Thursday, February 9, 2017

Nikki's Review ~ Rough and Ruthless by Hayley Faiman

Rough and Ruthless (Notorious Devils MC, #4)Rough and Ruthless by Hayley Faiman
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Mary Anne is in trouble. When her abusive boyfriend has sinister plans for her, Mary Anne knows she needs help getting out before it's too late. Not wanting her brother a member of the Notorious Devils to possibly go to jail to save her, Mary Anne calls his friend the much older national president Max "MadDog" Duhart. Their connection is instant but will age, family and enemies keep them apart?

Rough and Ruthless is the crown jewel in the Notorious Devils series! Hayley Faiman is a master storyteller and nobody writes gritty, raw, emotional characters better than this author.

I don't think there could be anyone more perfect for Mary Anne than Max. They have two main obstacles the age difference and her brother. Other business was not a blimp on the radar because you knew Max had everything taken care of. When you have 30 years age difference there is going to be problems with maturity and communication. But I think with the abuse Mary Anne suffered growing up and in her relationship, she needed the comfort and reliability of the protective older man. And just because Max is older and the leader of the Notorious Devils doesn't mean he is exempt from making bonehead decisions because he does.

But the heat factor was off the charts between Max and Mary Anne. There are some major benefits having an older more experienced man in your bed, and Mary Anne was reaping those benefits!

I love this series but Hayley Faiman drives me crazy with the build up to the next installment. She leaves you happy that this couple has their HEA but tosses you details knowing the next is going to be just as good if not better!

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