Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tiffany's Review ~ You Always by Melanie Jayne

You AlwaysYou Always by Melanie Jayne
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Welcome back to Cameron Farms. Jasmine and Israel have been married for fifteen years, and love each other immensely. The kids are growing and don't need Jasmine as much, which is leaving her feeling a bit bored. She's building a business plan to take over her dad's business and expand it. Israel however, isn't being supportive because he doesn't understand what more she could possibly want.
I loved Jasmine's determination to finally do something for herself. She was always the perfect wife and mother, doting on her husband and family. I found myself getting very frustrated for her when she wasn't getting understanding and support from those she needed it from most. She was strong and had faith in herself and I admired how she stood up for herself and what she wanted to do and went for it. She had her best friend, Hale, to help her this time and she won't give up.
Israel. He drove me nuts. He was controlling and just couldn't understand why his wife couldn't be happy and content caring for him and volunteering like his mom. He had his moments but it took a long time for him to redeem himself in my eyes. I was truly rooting for their love and marriage to survive her determination and his bitterness of that.
I'm loving this series so far. Hale and Finn, Jasmine and Israel, and I can't wait for Ashley and Matt's story. Melanie does a wonderful job of telling these stories. The characters are well developed and the words flow flawlessly. She has a way of pulling you in and keeping you interested so you don't want to put it down. You'll only be disappointed if you don't pick this series up!

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