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Diane's Review ~ Beard Mode by Lani Lynn Vale

Beard Mode (The Dixie Warden Rejects MC #1)Beard Mode by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

AMAZING first read of the series!
How I love thee, let me count the ways… as I look over all the highlighting I did in this emotional – funny, heartbreaking, mesmerizing – first read of a new series. Is it too early to clear space on the shelf for the rest of the books to come? Nope, didn’t think so!
Aaron and Imogen struck a chord with me right from the start and their friends and family weren’t far behind…
Aaron, beautifully handsome despite the scars he now wears, is still in recovery mode as he rebuilds his life one step at a time.
“Tall. Dark. Handsome. Delectable. Bitable. Sexable.”
Emotionally, physically, his experience has affected every aspect of his life from his family to his career. He is doing everything he can to move on but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Tough, protective, his vulnerability only seems to highlight more of inner strengths…
Imogen is holding things together too as she faces family trouble and challenges of her own. She is funny, loving, open and forthright. She is a straight shooter who makes no bones about being honest even if that makes things (people) uncomfortable. She pulls it off with style though as sincerity and love go a long way to smoothing feathers…
Together, they are incredible as they faced each other with honesty and bluntness that invited me in to feel the ups and downs they were going to wade through. And feel I did…
I want to tell you about this scene. And that scene. And then this happened. And I couldn’t stop laughing about that. And trying not to cry was impossible when this went down… I laughed out loud and smiled through page after page even as I found myself weeping more than once. My heart was battered this way and that and I couldn’t have loved it more…
One of my favourite scenes (and there were too many to count) involved, of all things a clapper. If you aren’t old enough to know what that is you need to look it up because you are going to laugh your a** off (even while turning up the fan!).
I am in stalkerish stalker mode right now – thankfully, I have this gem to re-read in the meantime.
My favourite chapter quotes (I love these!):
“Milk is good for your teeth. So is minding your own god****** business.”
“We don’t lick people. –Lies people tell kids.”
Ten *Kleenex and laughter*-enthused stars!

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