Sunday, March 5, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Flawed by Sara Hubbard

FlawedFlawed by Sara Hubbard
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Ivy and Niko deserved a second chance…
And that is exactly what they got. On the surface, Niko was a tough guy, born into a tough, criminal family. Ivy was the woman he loved and she loved him right back. When brutal circumstances separated them for six long years, it seemed that was not going to be end. They may be destined to be together but it wasn’t going to be easy…
“You aren’t the person you think you are. You aren’t your father. You’re flawed…but so am I.”
Ivy and Niko were interesting characters. Niko paid for his moment of anger and despair but he was determined to leave that behind him. The guilt may not let him go completely but he couldn’t believe that Ivy was his past… Ivy still struggled to understand why Niko distanced himself but their opportunity to clear up old hurts was going to be marred by family problems that were going to put any future they may have in jeopardy…
Ivy and Niko’s story was lined from start to finish with rocks and hard places and decisions that could have finished their romance at any wrong turn. Niko’s love and responsibility to Ivy meant he was going to help her brother, even if it went against everything he was trying to rebuild in his life. The war between doing right and doing right by someone was one they both shared and struggled with even as they tried to mend their bridges.
I liked this story of second chances and conscience. While some of the characters and their actions nudged credibility at times the story captured my attention right to the end. A sweet epilogue made some of the ups and downs worth it as these characters found their rightful place…

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