Sunday, March 5, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Jude by Kathy Coopmans

Jude (The Saints, #2)Jude by Kathy Coopmans
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


A heartfelt second chance….
This author is an insta-read for me as I know I will have a well-written, emotional story each and every time. Vivian and Jude did not disappoint as they struggled to overcome one horrible moment in time, one bad decision… This is the second in the series, and though it takes up where Riddick and Cora’s story ended, I was able to thoroughly enjoy (aka devour) this standalone read.
“The beautiful woman should be arrested for seizing hold of my blackened heart.”
“…Jude is both the problem and the solution. He’s everywhere. Dreams, thoughts, desires.”
These two ex-lovers have history and to say their last meeting was a cluster is a huge understatement. A misunderstanding quickly blew sky-high and when tragedy struck they weren’t just at odds, they were separated by more than distance… Vivian was confused and hurt, devastated, by the events that had transpired between them. She continued to push Jude away even as he refused to stay away any longer. The push and pull between them was tinged with regret and sorrow, sexual tension and unbelievable heat. I read this story in one sitting as the steady buildup, the raw emotion, of everyone involved had me glued to the kindle the entire night…
“I didn’t lose my mind. You f***ing stole it.”
Forgiveness and love are key and Jude and Vivian work through it all in a story that hummed with feeling and heart from the beginning. If you are in the mood for a strong, geeky hero and a heroine that is more than his match then you have come to the right place!

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