Sunday, March 19, 2017

Diane's Review ~ More Than a Threat by Kennedy L. Mitchell

More Than a ThreatMore Than a Threat by Kennedy L. Mitchell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blindsided by this suspenseful, sweet and kick-butt story!
This is a new author for more and I was innocently lured in by an okay cover but a blurb that promised so much more… And it delivered!
The chemistry between Kate and Weston is spectacular as they are suddenly thrown together in a life-threatening situation. The supposedly “rich spoiled girl” with the seasoned warrior, what could they possibly have in common? Quite a bit actually as the two become closer and closer as they survive one dangerous moment after another. Throw in another possible love interest and the bouncing balls are many, intense and determined to keep the reader off kilter. Mission: successful!
There is so much going on in this action-packed story that if you are worried the emotion takes a back seat, worry no longer. The emotion is high, heated and heartfelt as both Kate and Weston shed the walls surrounding their hearts and start to let each other in. It is sweet and painful and everything I want from lovers who have to fight for their relationship. I want to feel their thoughts, know why they do and say what they do and I felt every nuance… Their uncertainties beside their confidence makes for characters that are compelling because of, and despite, their flaws. Blissful sigh…
As if all that emotion wasn’t enough, the action and suspense notched ever higher even as humour threaded itself through so much of the conversations and scenes. The texting in this book is sweet and hilarious in turn with Kate’s besties providing many of those uber-fun moments.
“Me: You two are pathetic. I will add that he did it all with his shirt off so it was kind of amazing.
Eric: Tease.
Meagan: Bitch.”
While a few of the plot twists didn’t quite work for me I couldn’t seem to care that much as the characters have hooked me – line and sinker!
One thing though… CLIFFHANGER! I’m watching the pages tick by and I’m wondering how everything is going to wrap up in time and… There it was! An ending to the story that wasn’t an ending at all! It was that dreaded ‘pause’ when your heart is in your throat and you turn the page to see what happens and… Nothing. Nada. There was a face-plant into the pillow for sure and there may (or may not) have been a curse word or two muttered as I realized… to be continued…
Sigh… The one that continues to mutter loudly from the sidelines as she stalks the shelves for the follow up story? Yeah, that will be me….

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