Sunday, March 5, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Proper Irish by Zeia Jameson

Proper IrishProper Irish by Zeia Jameson
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


A sweet, sultry postcard for Savannah and love…
I’ve never to been to Georgia but this book has made me wish I was both Irish as well as a frequent visitor to Savannah! Stella and Padraig’s first meeting in this beautiful city was both funny and obnoxious, making me laugh as well as setting the stage for a relationship that more curveballs than the MLB!
I couldn’t help but jump onto #TeamStella as the young, successful event planner had a wonderfully bull-doggish personality that, rather than grating, was endearing and lovable. Her drive to be good at her job was not taken at the expense of those she worked with or those she met along the way. Her open mind soon had Padraig taking notice as they joined together in a common goal…
“Fortune does not come from coin but from honor.”
Hostility aside, it became clear there was more than Irish smiles between them… Was it love-hate between them? It sure started that way as their never-over-the-top meetings morphed into more. As their relationship changed, they invited me in to laugh, to enjoy their city and to join their quest to right the biggest offence to Irish culture this side of the Mississippi. With quirky family and friends to help out, each character added their own flavour to this fun and sexy tale…
With an uber-sweet ending that added just the right icing on the shamrock, this romance left me with the coveted ‘damn, that was a good book’ feeling. I can’t wait to seek out more from this ‘new to me’ author!

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