Sunday, March 5, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Stryder by Maggie Ryan & Alta Hensley

Stryder (The Black Stallion Trilogy, #2)Stryder by Maggie Ryan
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Love amidst chaos...

Stryder is the second instalment in this bdsm-laced romantic suspense series and delves into the disturbing and troubling territory of human trafficking. The Steele family continues to fight for those in need and Stryder is determined to see Zoya Morozova safe. There is action and tears, and as I’ve come to expect, some curveballs along the way as this unexpected couple find their way…

This story, like Maddox and Adira’s before it, is chock-full of drama whether at home or on the international stage. The sex slave trade is the focal point here, providing the tension and urgency that moves this story forward. Stryder and Zoya are an interesting couple as they come together under high-pressure circumstances. Stryder is an ALPHA-MALE (capitals are totally warranted here) with a soft side brought out by the lovely Zoya. An innocent woman, leaving her life on the farm, is almost cliché as she finds herself thrust into a situation she could never imagine. She was naïve and scared however, she dealt with the changing situation with an admiring sense of purpose.

Theirs was a relationship borne of circumstance yet their coming together was rife with conflict and sexual heat. They seemed right together even as I wished to understand, and feel, more of the emotions that swept both of them away. I could see what was happening but often wanted/needed, to understand why as their emotions invested so quickly. Adding to that were some of the actions and events that seemed to conflict with the main theme/plot of the story. Saying that, however, these authors have created a family and a crusade that has caught, and kept, my attention. I like the quirky characters and the interaction with family this time around was again a wonderful blend of loving support and good-natured ribbing. There is one more brother, one more mission, and I am looking forward to Anson and Natalia’s story.

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