Sunday, March 19, 2017

Diane's Review ~ The Vampire Mafia: The Complete Series by M.A. Wilder

The Vampire Mafia: The Complete SeriesThe Vampire Mafia: The Complete Series by M.A. Wilder
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Vampires, guns, betrayal and love – it’s got it all!
This collection is an interesting concept, blending the bloodthirstiness of vampires with the same of the mafia, stir (or shake depending on your preference) and see what happens. In this instance it turned out pretty well, even if I finished each story feeling like a lot happened in a very short period.
Each intertwined story has a couple, a love match, and follows their romance as it builds within the over-arching plot. The men are alphas – no matter their age – and the women are strong and independent, ready to fight for themselves and those they love… Sigh… I hope that doesn’t sound too sappy because what these stories are not is sickly sweet.
“…and it’s all very one, two, three.”
The family feuds, the gun battles, the romance, the little fact that there are vampires in this world is all dealt with in a very common sense, matter of fact way. Vampires are humans, humans are vampires and except for sudden fangs, super-human killing strength and a different taste for liquid, the paranormal aspect is given little sensationalism. The romance seems to get the same treatment as the insta-love that occurs with each of the couplings fits the same rhythm.
I liked the characters in this series and the surprises and twists, the challenges they faced, had my attention from start to finish. And of course a few words of wisdom are always helpful!
“Trust isn’t built on orgasms.”

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