Wednesday, March 15, 2017

INFIDELITY WORLD - Cover and Blurb -​​ ​​​Sacrifice by Rae Riley

Sacrifice by Rae Riley
Releasing: March 23, 2017


Chelsea Moore took the deal and signed the agreement. She was supposed to be assigned to a lobbyist. He was supposed to a stranger. Of course, life doesn't usually go the way it is supposed to go.
Instead of spending a year of her life investigating a stranger, Chelsea is stuck. Her new client isn't a stranger. It's her best friend's ex-boyfriend. He is the son of the devil and she is the sacrificial lamb.
To escape his entrapment, Chelsea will have to be cunning, use deception, and commit to a year of fidelity. Most importantly, she will have to convince her best friend that it wasn't a betrayal - it was a sacrifice.

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