Sunday, March 5, 2017

Jess's Review ~ Dirty Wife Games by Clarissa Wild

Dirty Wife GamesDirty Wife Games by Clarissa Wild
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I struggled with this review, this book was wild and completely unexpected and there is not a whole lot to say other than...whoa. I was pretty excited to find out that Hyun was getting a book after I read Wicked Bride Games and while you don't have to have read that first and this could be read as a standalone, it does put some parts into perspective more.

Here we find Hyun, some time after the end of the games and on her own escaping her marriage. Not only does she have an evil husband but she also has a stalker. Going between the past and the present we get the story of how she gets to the place she is now and what is going on with her stalker. I was really unsure how I felt about Hyun, she was trying to be strong and separate herself from a bad situation but there were often times I couldn't understand what she was thinking. And then there was Drake, he added this dark and almost creepy element to the book.

I was definitely hooked and couldn't stop reading because I needed to know how things were going to turn out and I wanted to understand what happened before. Then in true Clarissa Wild fashion we are thrown a twist I did not see coming at all. A twist that I literally felt the need to go back and reread because I must have missed something. So here, I am left with my mind blown and head spinning.

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