Sunday, March 19, 2017

Jess's Review ~ Ripple Effect: Episode 2 by Keri Lake

Ripple Effect:  Episode 2 (Ripple Effect, #2)Ripple Effect: Episode 2 by Keri Lake
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


Another dark and gritty installment of Ripple Effect. Picking up right where we left off this book shows the harsh reality of Dylan's world. Life has not been kind to her and we see glimpses of it through her nightmares. Spending much of the book in a fog, Dylan is given a chance but what will it cost her...her soul, her sanity (or what's left of it), her life...can she make it two months or two weeks.

This installment also gave us more Ripley who too has his own host of dark and grueling issues. He is not kind nor forgiving but he has these sparks of light when taking care of someone that is not himself. He is still in the middle of a mission that has nothing to do with the frail but mouthy girl that found her way into his house.

As expected we are left in the middle of their tormented lives. I am so thoroughly engrossed in their raw and broken life that it hurt to be done but I am also thankful to be able just pause the story for a little bit. Dylan's' emotions are raw and jumbled. Ripley is brutal and haunted with something else still lurking in there that we haven't discovered yet. I guess we will just have to see what craziness fall upon these two in the next episode and I feel like it is going to get crazier before it's over.

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