Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lynzi's Review ~ #1 Crush by T. Gephart

#1 Crush#1 Crush by T. Gephart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'Jesus. Freaking. Christ. And. All. The. Saints.'

I love seeing someone so crazy, that they aren't scared to go after EVERYTHING they want in life. No matter the consequences. No matter to endurance. They get there one way or the other. Knowing they aren't ashamed of it, is even more beautiful.

'"You know I'm crazy, right?" I felt like he needed the disclaimer. One more opportunity to opt out. "And what you're signing up for?"


Tia is not your typical girl. Nope, she is kinda all over the spectrum of crazy. She has a huge crush on a major actor. I don't even know if crush is what you can call it. More like an obsession. She is so into him, that she's driving herself crazy, so she comes up with a plan to meet him. Knowing he will be a douche, like all big Hollywood stars are, she goes for it. With nothing to lose, but with high chances of getting arrested, she makes it happen. Even though her tactics were so far out of left field, she had are solid plan, but there was a downfall to it, she didn't think he would even notice her. Much less, she would fall in love with him. What was supposed to be an in and out, turned into so much more.

Eric didn't think his new movie premier would be any different than the others. Boy was he wrong. With constantly being surrounded by fake people, it was a breath of fresh air, when he ran into Tia. Intrigued from the get go, he had to get to know her. Little did he know, just how much of a ride he was in for. He's an actor, but even he isn't that good. As things start to unravel, and hearts start to get twisted, things get a little harder.

I loved Tia's crazy. She was so funny. And not that it was a laugh out loud funny, but Lord does that girl know how to get herself into some stuff. The thing I love most though, is she always had good intentions. She never set our to do anything, that would hurt someone. I was so excited that she found someone who can handle her crazy, and actually balance hers out, with his own.

Their love is so fun. As all love should be. They just enjoyed being with each other. They got each other on such a different level, that they just instantly clicked.

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