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Lynzi's Review ~ Catching Carly by Emma Hart

Catching Carly (Barley Cross, #2)Catching Carly by Emma Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have never had an author make me laugh as much as Emma Hart does. First with Being Brooke, now with Catching Carly.

I love seeing these two girls and their crazy lives. They are so off the walls crazy, it isn't even funny. I lie, yea it is. It's fricking HILARIOUS!!! The situations they get themselves in are something else entirely.

Carly doesn't have any good luck when it comes to dating and men. Especially with online dating. But the night of her best friend Cain's birthday party, she has one too many drinks. Which leads to her sleep with Cain's brother, Zeke. The only problem is, they hate each other. Getting under each others skin, is their everyday goal. They never miss a chance to give a jab to the other. That hit night, is something she can't seem to get out of her head. And boy does it piss her off. Trying to move on and forget about it all, just pushes them closer together, until one things leads to another. Carly is looking for her happily ever after, and Zeke is the last guy she wants tow be her Prince. Or so she thought! But there's one problem, Zeke has trust issues when it comes to women.

Zeke has been burned by the woman he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with, in the worst way possible. After her and her betrayal, he finds it hard to trust women. Also hard to find him selves wanting to start and my thing long term. Until Carly rocks his world. Carly is always tilting the axles, with her smart mouth and quick wit. They are always at each others throats. So much, it becomes second nature. After their one night together, he realizes they don't actually hate each other, and it opens up a whole knew world for them both. One he is deathly terrified about. Even though he's an amazing guy, he struggles with the want to give more and be more. Until Carly. Promising to catch her if she falls, she puts her trust in him, but can he do the same?

The back and forth of this couple had me laughing my butt off. They ate definitely a couple I will remember.

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