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Lynzi's Review ~ Endurance by Amy Daws

EnduranceEndurance by Amy Daws
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pahahaha...boy does Tanner meet his match. And not the match he is used to either. I never thought Tanner Harris, famous footballing whore, could be tamed. Lord, was I wrong.

We see Belle in the first Harris brother book, Challenge. She is the crazy best friend to Indie. We see a good bit of her, but not enough to fully get her crazy. And OH MY LANTA is this broad cray cray. Phew...she had ME all kids of crazy. I wanted you slap her a few times. Ok, maybe more than a few.

Belle didn't have a childhood that is full of glitterfarting unicorns and wildflowers. Being the only daughter to Lord Ryan, who is aiming for a seat on the Supreme Court, she has a lot to live up to. But when she falls a lot short of what her parents expect of her, they basically disown her for all intents and purposes. Even though she has an amazing, very rewarding career, it's not enough. Not for a Ryan. She doesn't want the Ryan lifestyle though. A stuffy, stuck up life, is the last thing Belle ever wanted. So she makes a life of her own. Her life is everything she wants it to be. She has a career that gets all of her attention. She parties when she wants to. Hooks up with someone when needed. The last thing she wants is a relationship. Atleast until Tanner. Belle loves to hate Tanner. If they aren't fighting, then they aren't living.

Tanner gets himself in more trouble than not. As a famous footballer, there are certain bounds you can't cross and certain things you can't do, but Tanner doesn't care. He does what he wants, when he wants, consequences be damned. Football and his family are his life, and always will be. When you hear of the Harris family or the Harris brothers, you think football. They go hand in hand. He lives the life of a forever bachelor. He will never commit and never settle down. Plan and simple. Until he finds himself in a pickle and there is only one way to get out of it. Even though it's his idea, he still doesn't like it. But dating Belle seems to be the only way. Forever ones sake. But 'sitting still' is exactly what he needed. Everything comes into perspective and life finally makes sense, in more ways than once. All with the help of the one woman he can't have and gets under his skin.

For Tanner and Belle, fighting with each other is their life. Until it turns into their love. I loved seeing their craziness mash.

I absolutely loved Belle. She always spoke her mind, and never help back. Especially with Tanner. She was quick to bust his bubble. Which kept me laughing. He's not used to women fighting WITH him, only OVER him.

I laugh. I cried. I laughed some more. This one is just, awesome. I love the Harris family.

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