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Lynzi's Review ~ Fighting With Faith by Nikki Ash

Fighting With Faith (Fighting, #2)Fighting With Faith by Nikki Ash
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Holy hell, Nikki Ash has done it again. But this time, she has made me fall even more in love than I thought possible. I thought I loved Copper, but Bentley takes it to a whole new level.

This one goes back every now and then, to things that were in Fighting for a Second Chance and times within that story line. Which is important because that's when Kayla and Bentley first started their crazy back and forth.

Kayla was raised in a house were love isn't a thing. Her parents marriage is like every other thing in their lives, a business agreement. Both divorce lawyers, they believe love is a useless emotion that only leads to one thing, a broken heart. Kayla finds out at a young age, that's all too true. With having had her heart broken, she turns her back on love and happily ever after. Until a certain fighter waltz in to her life and stirs her icy heart. Sparks fly, chemistry burns bright, but when things get too complicated, she runs. Running is what Kayla is good at. She runs because was scared. But that fear causes her to over look what is right in front of her, Bentley.

Bentley has put his heart out there countless times. All he is waiting for, is for Kayla to do the same. He knows she doesn't believe in love, but can never figure out why. When he finally gets the whole story and sees things through her eyes, he understands, but that doesn't mean he likes it. Because of her past, and her parents crazy outlook on life, not only is Kayla's heart messed up, but so is her head. And that confuses the hell out of Bentley. He grew up in a home where love was over flowing and endless. Love comes easy to him and it's not something he takes lightly. When Kayla runs, he tries to move on the best way he can. But when he finally sees Kayla after a few months though, things change. DRASTICALLY!!

Bentley just melted my heart. I have swooned and fell in love with countless book boyfriends, but he is just IT!! His love, his patience, his understand, everything is just so perfect. He is everything an amazing woman would want and need. Good thing he's a fighter, because with Kayla he needs all the training he's ever had to go face to face in a ring for her heart. It's definitely not easy, and more than once he gives up, but he realizes he needs her so much more than he could have ever thought.

I hated Kayla's patents from the get go. I could never understand how, and why a mother would be like that to her children. Just plain awful. I was so glad that Kayla had amazing friends who could be her family, because she definitely needed it. Her struggles to understand life, the possibility of love, and finding happiness was a hard and messy one. She hurt a few people along the way, unintentionally, but hurt them none the less. She knows she is broken, and things Bentley is better off finding someone else. Even while she thinks she incapable of love, she shows it all the time to the ones who mean the most to her. She is selfless and does anything for those people.

We get more of Caleb in this story also, and I can't wait to read his book. I feel like it's gonna be an intense one.

I loved seeing more of Liz and Copper. I love catching up and seeing how their lives and love are going.

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