Sunday, March 19, 2017

Nikki's Review ~ So Screwed by Melissa Marino

So Screwed (Bad Behavior)So Screwed by Melissa Marino
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Evelyn is best friends with Abel's brother's girlfriend. So having anything more than a casual friendship would be messy and disastrous right? Especially if the male is a known manwhore and the female is a career driven woman who doesn't do relationships. But what happens when chemistry and feelings get involved?

So Screwed by Melissa Marino is part of the Bad Behavior series. It can be read as a standalone read but you will enjoy it more by reading the first So Twisted.

This was an enjoyable emotional charged read. I loved how focused Evelyn was regarding her career. But she still felt the chemistry that was between her and Abel, even though she was hesitant Evelyn found the courage to open her heart.

But Abel just blew me away. There was so much hiding below the surface of this complicated man that only let others see what he wanted them to see. He made me laugh, got me hot and broke my heart. I just felt family and friends did him a disservice by only seeing the charm. There was a beautiful soul inside him and it took courage for him to face his demons.

I have definitely become a big fan of this series and Melissa Marino has a brilliant writing style that opens the reader's minds and lets the story flow.

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