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Tiffany's Review ~ Cheater by Rachel Van Dyken

Cheater (Curious Liaisons, #1)Cheater by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


Lucas Thorn lives by one rule now. "It's not cheating if they know." After being caught on the night of his wedding with his fiancées sister, and the feelings he'd had for her younger sister, he's convinced he's a cheater. Now he lives up to that reputation. He won't destroy any more feelings or lives. He's forward in what he wants and if the women can't handle it, then he doesn't have time for them.
Avery Black needs this internship no matter what. She'll never get to use her degree if she can't get good recommendations. She jumps at the chance to take this internship but has no idea who she's going to be working for. When her new boss walks in, she sees red. The man she idolized, adored, crushed on...her sister's ex-fiancée. They had an amazing relationship when she was growing up, until that fateful day. She hasn't seen him in four years. The last thing she wants is to work for him, but she'll do whatever she can to make his life hell. After all, why not return the favor?
Lucas made me curl my lip and wrinkle my nose at his behavior in the beginning. I can't stand cheaters and players. We start to see what's going on in his head, and why he thinks he turned out to be a cheater in the first place. At times, I actually felt bad for him. He was a good man but just needed the right person to put him in his place. Enter Avery to the picture. She was definitely the one to do that. She didn't take crap from him, and didn't fall for his charms (on the outside anyway). I loved Avery...she was a little spitfire. Her one downfall to anyone? All they had to do was offer her food, and she couldn't resist. One lie to his sister though, and all hell breaks loose. She can't keep a secret to save her life, and soon, both families think they're dating, and contemplating marriage and babies. Going along with everything to brig the families back together after his indiscretion, everything feels too real. They're both developing real feelings but don't know what to do about them.
I'm a big fan of this author, and this new series. There was laughter, drama and heat in this book. Avery and Lucas made a perfect match. You'll hate Lucas in the beginning, but love him by the end. Most importantly, you'll come to understand why he became the way he did. I absolutely loved the banter between the two, and Avery's attitude. I was a little nervous to read this one because of the cheating, but I can say I was very pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed every bit of this book and the dual pov. I think it made a huge difference to the story to read both sides. I also loved the best friends, Austin and Thatch. I can't wait to read their story in Cheater's Regret!

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