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Tiffany's Review ~ Mayhem by Alexis Noelle

MayhemMayhem by Alexis Noelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Jasmine is a victim of her husband and his brutality. They started as high school sweethearts, and she was blinded by her love for him. Desperately searching for a job, she answers an ad for a personal assistant. Little does she know what's she's getting herself into.
Jasmine was a very strong woman. She survived through things no one should have to endure. My heart was heavy for her and her situation. She needed someone to show her there was definitely more to life, and Cutter was the perfect man for the job. There were moments where you could see her start to break through, and it made you root for her. She lived on routine and ran on auto pilot most of the time.
When Jasmine walked into Cutter's office, he instantly knew she had problems. He was also drawn to her. He was perfectly patient with her, and she drew out his protective instinct. We find out quickly enough how Cutter got his name when Jasmine's husband finds her working in a strip club he frequents. Dylan won't let her go easily, or at all if he has any say.
This book was a perfect addition to this series. It was written wonderfully and even though it was difficult to read parts of it, I enjoyed every word. This was one book you wanted to be a part of, both to beat the hell out of Dylan, and to wrap Jasmine up in your arms and hold her. Cutter and Jasmine were an unusual but perfect couple. He's tough and hard, but for her he's gentle and soft. Mayhem is book five in the series, but can be read as a standalone.

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