Thursday, April 27, 2017

Jess's Review ~ Deathless by Anne Malcom

Deathless (The Vein Chronicles #2)Deathless by Anne Malcom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Picking up after one hell of a ending in book one we find ourselves still in the middle of a war and a vampire out for blood. But nothing is as it should be, things that shouldn't have happened are happening and spells are changing the players.

This was a great second book and a must read if your read book one. Where I thought our characters were loud before they are bolder and louder than before. I did like that Isla while as vivacious as before had bit more reserve. Her life has never been easy and in order to stay true to who she is she has sacrificed a lot. Her best friend and partner in crime was also a touch more fearless than she was in the last book. Sophie was bold and only sometimes restrained. Of course there was the brooding, alpha slayer who can't give up control and is going against everything he was taught to believe.

This seemed a bit faster than book one, maybe it was because we are in the middle of a war and trying to figure out who is the mastermind behind the ever growing problem. I spent much of this book devouring the words to find out who it the treat and how all of the players are going to get through it. I was quite shocked to find out the answers in a twist I never saw coming. There was heat and blood and sarcasm, it was an interesting mix of it all. And at the end we are okay for now, but this story line has a lot of room to grow and things left unfinished.

This is for sure a series to watch. The author that has well played twists and a well planned world. Her writing is thorough and she doesn't leave any corner missing. There is something a bit addicting about the overall story that makes me crave some more.

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