Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Badd to the Bone by Jasinda Wilder

Badd to the Bone (Badd Brothers, #3)Badd to the Bone by Jasinda Wilder
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


I threw myself into this book like I had read (devoured really) the previous stories in this series and couldn’t wait to start this one. Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened! Seven brothers, all so different, but BADD in their own unique style…

Brock is just like his brothers in many ways – he’s uber-sexy and knows how to treat a lady. In his own way though, he takes insightful and supportive to a whole new, amazing, level.

“Even while shaving, he was so d*** pretty my ovaries applauded…”

Claire is drawn to Brock like a moth to a flame even as she realizes he is not going to be her usual hook up. He makes her feel more, makes her want more. And she doesn’t know what to do with that…

“I don’t want to own you, I just want to be with you.”
“I know. That’s why it’s scary.”

Brock and Claire’s story is full of minefields that couldn’t help but ping my heart and invest me totally in their journey. It is sexy hot – that hasn’t changed – and the author knows how to write dialogue and scenes that meld effortlessly together. The drama level is high – super high – in this emotionally-charged story of anger and bone-deep sorrow and hurt. More than once I had to catch my breath as I read words that rang with such pain. To balance it out was love and respect and caring that Brock seemed to instinctively know was needed. Swoony = Brock, in so many, many ways….

Be prepared to invest your heart, and don’t worry. The author will give it what it needs…

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