Saturday, May 27, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Trust Me Forever by Josie Bordeaux

Trust Me ForeverTrust Me Forever by Josie Bordeaux
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

A bump second chance….
Who hasn’t wondered ‘What if?’
“That one decision – if I had just gotten that one right….”
This second chance romance is all about choices. Ones we make and those that are made for us. Life is messy – with free will and experience governing the paths we take and the decisions we live with. When Alex and Cory/Sarah unexpectedly meet again they are given the chance to revisit those choices and maybe, just maybe, change their future…
I haven’t read this author before so this story was me getting to know the characters, the writing style and the author behind them. I must say, so many of the ‘good read’ boxes were ticked. The characters were interesting, both main and secondary characters, as they came together in a romance that was parts love, a pinch of deceit and a whole lot of compassion… One of my favourites was Granny, who set the tone for family and empathy.
While Cory struggled to overcome and distance herself from her past, Alex was determined to solidify his place that was established so long ago. That meant a lot of trust, some heartfelt conversations and soul searching that made for a suspenseful, heartfelt romance…

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