Friday, May 26, 2017

Jess's Review ~ NUDES by Sarah Robinson

NUDESNUDES by Sarah Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This was a sexy yet sweet well-rounded Hollywood romance. It's a great day off, by the beach or afternoon read. The material isn't heavy, the story has flow, it's concept while not a "new" story had elements that made it stand-out and really it was enjoyable.
Aria is an up and coming actress who just landed her first big-ish role. She doesn't love all that comes with Hollywood. She's not looking for trouble or to splashed all over the cover of magazines. She is has a fun and light, sometimes flirty and sometimes serious personality. She is just someone you want to be around. She hasn't made the best boyfriend choices in the past but when Mr. Lawson, new CEO steps in, well it is either going to go down the tubes or be the talk of the town, or maybe both.
Ben is basically on his last chance in Hollywood. He divorce did terrible things for his life and went from having it all to having to hang on. He is not looking for anything, nor does he trust anyone really, but there is this chemistry and pull that Aria gives off that he needs to explore. Ben is also a fun character, underneath all the seriousness. He can be flirty and free when the mood strikes but for the most part he remains closed off and all business.
Not only was this book a solid romance but it also showed the ugly side of the Hollywood. The side that brings out the worst in people and shows that everything is not glass houses and perfect bodies. There is a good message in here and strong characters to carry that message through to the end. I look forward to whatever else this author has planned.

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