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Release Blitz ~ #Review ~ Sinful Rhythms (The Black Lilith Series, #4) by Hazel Jacobs

Title: Sinful Rhythms (Book 4, The Black Lilith Series)
Authors: Hazel Jacobs
Release Date: April 28th, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Erotica
Cover Design: Jesh Nima Designs


Tessa Hunt is a former English major and current barista who’s stuck working at Starbucks.

She’s got a huge family she loves, a pile of books in her ‘to be read’ pile, and a best friend she’s never met. D came into her life accidently via an X-rated picture sent to the wrong number one late night five months ago, and the pair of them have been trading texts and secrets ever since.

When D invites her to finally meet at a rock concert, in person, because he has a job opportunity for her, she discovers that her hilarious dorky best friend D is the world-famous Dash Todd, from Black Lilith.

The job he’s lined up for her is shadowing Black Lilith for their Sinful Rhythms tour and writing an article about them for Rolling Stone! That’s the sort of thing that launches careers. But when Tessa tries to coax Dash into a more serious relationship, she realizes that things aren’t as easy as she thought they would be.

Dash makes her weak in knees, but he goes cold the moment she tries to get serious. After so many years of effortless sex with groupies, she can hardly blame him for wanting to avoid commitment.

When another man vies for Tessa’s attention, she needs to decide whether to pursue a relationship with someone who is actually interested or to wait for her rockstar best friend.

4.5 of 5 stars 

For starters I think this was a great wrap up to a fantastic series. I loved following the stories of all the men of the Black Lilith band and was certainly happy to not only see Dash find his match, but also to have the opportunity to revisit with all the previous couples.

This story centered around the youngest member of the band, Dash Todd, and his best friend turned group interviewer Tessa. The two of them meet over a picture sent to the wrong number and from there a friendship involving get to know you tales and sexy pics began. In the beginning of this story the two are finally meeting face-to-face and from there it takes off into a fantastic slow build of the story as I saw these two attempting to navigate the lines between friendship and something more.

Dash and Tessa were both wonderful characters. Dash was funny and musical and somewhat awkward and kind of dorky and an absolutely lovable leading man. Tessa was very family-oriented and I love that about her. She also seems like a really good friend to Dash, and I love how easily she seemed to fit in with the rest of the members of the band and their ladies once everyone finally met. Their relationship had that slow build, friends to lovers feel to it that I am definitely a fan of.

While this certainly will go down as a really good series finisher and an overall really good story for me, I will admit that I felt the resolution of things between Dash and Tessa was a little bit rushed. Or maybe just in comparison to the really big hurtles or issues that the previous three couples had to overcome, the issues between Dash and Tessa didn't seem as big, or as major. I kept waiting for this big thing that Dash was hiding or this seemingly life altering challenge to overcome or just something that they have to work passed to have this big resolution moment, and I didn't get it.

But at the same time the story line, the characters themselves, and the relationship between everyone in the story really worked for me and made for a good read. I'm sad to see it all end, but it was a great journey. 

Hazel Jacobs is a passionate fan of romance novels and a crazy fan of rock and roll. Never trained as a writer, she began creative writing as a hobby. That quickly evolved into a mission to pen a novel that brings a new generation of readers into the wild realm of loud music and total passion. 

Instagram: @authorhazeljacobs
Twitter: @HazelJacobs90

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